6 common mistakes make your vagina not healthy

Your vagina is sensitive and it has it’s own cleaning system. Problems of many girls are caring too much when cleaning but not enough on other matters. Results are stress, bad smell, upset  vulva

Below are some very common mistakes that are easy to fix but result is impressive

Mistake 1. Use too much cleaning production:

Balancing PH level at your vagina is one of the most important key to keep it healthy, soft and wet enough for an amazing sex. If you use cleaning product daily, your vagina will be dependence on the support of product. It would be more sensitive and easier to get infected

As my experience, just cleaning vagina with clean water daily is totally perfect choice. Make sure your water is as clean as you can drink.

Of course, many external factors affect your vagina health, so even keeping it clean, sometimes you still feel itchy or too wet. When it happens, I only use Sodium Bicarbonate to clean just within 3-4 days, 1 time/ day

Sodium Bicarbonate support to kill bacterial and balance PH level, but remember, only 3-4 days, so your vagina will not be dependence to external support.

Important: Avoid antibacterial soap 100%. It will irritate your vagina and will promote a yeast infection. Grrr, it is hurt a lot.

Mistake 2. Clean inside vagina :

Unless your doctor guide you for special situation, NEVER wash your inside vagina. It has it’s own cleaning system, that no product can replace. Let’s look at what we have there to know where we can clean


Only wash labia, clitoris, pubic hair, … all outside,  THEN wash perineum (between vagina and anus) and outside anus last.

Don’t make water rinse from anus to vagina, it brings bacterial to your sensitive part.

Some recommend towel, but I think a clean hand is much better. There are not much dead skin there so you don’t need a fabric textile to help pull out dead skin.

Your soft, clean fingers are perfect. Remember always wash your hands with soap before washing your body pet.

Mistake 3. Wearing thong, G-string or bodyshorts panties all day.

All panties which’s lining is not flat, soft, wide enough to cover all your labia are your vagina’s enemy.

Not only scratching, pushing pressure to and make your vulva injured, it is usually not stable enough to keep bacterial from your anus away from your vagina

And also some panties have seam in the middle of lining. Although the seam is covered but it still can scratch your vulva

Mistake 4. Drying too carefully after washing/ peeing:

Some people use towel or napkin to dry totally. It usually can scratch your vagina, make it too dry, take away all dịch nhầy bảo vệ

But you don’t want your panties smell bad if don’t dry carefully after peeing, I understand. Here is the solution.

People said we shouldn’t wash vagina after peeing all the times because it can wash away all your body protection fluid. But I have very good experience on this.

It is totally good if:

  • Water and the toilet bum gun is clean (it means stay away from public toilet-bum-gun, you don’t know how they clean it)
  • Don’t use hand too much. First, usually we don’t wash hand before peeing, so don’t touch your vagina with dirty hand. It is very easy, just pour water quickly to wash away uterine outside.
  • Dry the outside gentle before wearing panties. The purpose is just keep your pantie dry but your vulva not too dry.

Mistake 5. Wear a thin / small lining pantie with short skirt

Every day, you sit at different places, on bus, subways, coffee shop, taxi… We can tell, most of them are dirty, even we don’t see the stain.

A thin panty is not enough to protect your sensitive part from bacterial at those places. Many woman also make mistake to sit naked on chairs in gym bathroom.

So just a little bit notice, you can protect your sex health much better:

Always wear pantie that covers fully your vulva.

Use daily sanitary pad or wear short inside when you wear short skirt.

Mistake 6. Not rinse detergent / fabric softener totally

Your vagina is much much more sensitive than your elbows. Detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheet may cause irritation.

For me, I don’t like my clothes smell like spring, my armpit smell like rose and my neck smell sexy flower.

So one shot kill 2 birds, I put 1-2 more rinse process after use fabric softener so I smell more homogeneous with my perfume and also don’t upset my vagina.

Finally, this is a ultimate process to keep your vagina clean

Wash your vulva:

  1. First of all, make sure water, toilet bum gun clean enough, and only use water, avoid cleaning product using daily.
  2. Second, clean your hand with soap and rinse carefully before washing your body pet.
  3. Wash by hand your entire vulva, pubic hair, except inside vagina before wash anus and don’t let water from rinsing other parts go to your vagina.
  4. Dry the outside and pubic hair gentle by towel or napkin.


  1. Rinse your panties carefully from soap or softener
  2. Wear soft panties which cover all your vulva, make sure it loose enough for good blood circulation there.
  3. Use daily sanity pad or wear short inside short skirt to protect your vulva from dirty surface.





So good luck, your body would want to thank you!Those mistakes are very common, but easy to change and almost cost no more effort.

Sometimes your vulva need a treatment, like your back wants a massage, let check my easy treatment to boost blood circulation in your body pet.

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