Core values
In Pet My Self, your body, your vagina is called “pet”, because it brings you health, feeling of happiness, It is always with you, extremely loyal.

We encourage women to satisfy their sexual needs, to take care of their “pet” to get pleasure and health to themselves, and it is also a tool to charm.


My name is Anh. The idea of ​​making Pet My Self arose when I shared with my friend how to masturbate, because I felt masturbation is so great, it helped me reduce stress, healthier, love and confident about myself much more. But my friend was not interested in it, until I said masturbation helped me to be better at sex, so my lover liked it more. I understand my friend, many woman like her haven’t really experience orgasm, so the idea about getting benefit from sex, masturbation doesn’t make sense to them. That urge me to help woman to go through this path.
That Simply put, I was determined to help women enjoy this pleasure for themselves, and also for their lovers.